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Csilla Gévai


Jan-Jun 2002: Golders Green College, London, UK
Elementary and Pre-Intermediate Course

1995-2001: Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Hungarian Language and Literature Profession

1995- : Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Culture Anthropology Profession

1994-1996: New Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
Actor/Actress Course

1990-1994: Vorosmarty Mihaly Grammar-School, Budapest, Hungary
Drama Section

1981-1990: Egry Jozsef Primary School, Budapest, Hungary

Work Experience

Jan-Jul 2002: Au-pair in London, UK

Oct-Dec 2001: Budapest, Hungary
Editor employee of Internet Theatre Journal (

Apr-Jun 2001: Budapest, Hungary
Varosi Theatre , Actress

2000-2001: Budapest, Hungary
Private tuition in Hungarian to Irish and Canadian Students

Nov 1999-Apr 2000: Budapest, Hungary
Option Ltd. Exhibition organizer

Art activiy
2004. Publication of 14 graphics in "Élet és Irodalom", a leading Hungarian weakly paper of literature and public life

2005. Illustration of a children's book (Tantrum Tales by Judit Berg)

2005. Individual art exhibition of graphic works in the Art Gallery "Őszi Szalon"

Anthropology Field - work/ Including voluntary
July 1997: International Work Camp, Igumenicza, Greece
Voluntary work restoring roman coliseum and Anthropology field- work in the village (taking photos, surveying, taking notes)
Aug 1997: International Work Camp, Gozne, Turkey
Voluntary work renovating a culture-house of Gozne, and Anthropology
field-work in Gozne (taking photos and video films, surveying, taking notes
Jun-July 2000: Finland
Anthropology field-work, travelling round Finland from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, taking photos with Finish People and cities and landscapes
July-Aug 2001: Finland and Norway
Anthropology field-work, travelling round Finland and North- Norway: Helsinki, Iisalmi, Tampere, Jyvaskylaa, take photos with Finish and Norwegian People and landscapes

Theatre works, Film casts

Aug 2001: Pepsi-land, Budapest, Hungary
T. Bali and the Porzo Big Band, Vocalist

March-May 2001: Budapest, Hungary
' As if ' examination film, Actress, Director: Gergo Benyi

Dec 2000: MU Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
'Bird of Death' dance performance, Actress, Director: Bea Gold

Oct 2000: International Art Work Camp, Weimar, Germany
Klara 2000 Production, theatre work shop

Apr 1999: MU Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
'Light of Angel' dance performance, Actress, Director: Zsofia Muranyi

Febr 1998: Szkene Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
Swan-Guardes Theater Company: 'The ugly little duck' (absurd), Actress, Director: Gabor Diossy-Bela Pinter

Dec 1997: Szkene Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
Swan-Guardes Theater Company: 'Hofeherfe' (absurd), editor empoyee, Director: Gabor Diossy

Jan 1995: New Theatre Studio Stage, Budapest, Hungary
'Jozsef Attila est' performance, Actress, Director: Janos Gosztonyi

Dec 1995: New Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
'Pharmacy', Actress, Director: Eszter Novak

Nov-Dec 1993: Budapest, Hungary
'Good Night, Prince', Hungarian film, Actress, Director: Janos Rozsa

Sept 1993: Oslo, Norway
Tourne with 'Hell and Paradise'

Apr 1993: Crete, Greece
'Past-Age' Hungarian historical TV-series, Actress

Jun 1992: International Theatre Work Camp, Avignon
Apr 1992: Boulder, Colorado, USA
'Odyssei of the Mind' Creativity Word Competition, Theatre and Creativity Category I. Prize for my hungarian group (7 person)
Jan 1992: Budapest, Hungary
'Odyssei of the Mind' Creativity Word Competition , hungarian decisive, Theatre Category I. Prize for my group (7 person)

May 1991: Francofon Festival, Pecs, Hungary
'Hell and Paradise' musical, text in French, Actress, I. Prize

1985-1990: Budapest, Hungary
Harlekin Children Theatre of Budapest, Children Actress

Oct 1991: Budapest, Hungary
'In Love Hearts' Hungarian film, Child Actress, Director: Gyorgy Dobray

Skills and Interests

Music: Clarinet (Grade 4) Saxophone (Grade 2) Piano (Grade 3)
Languages: English, Finnish and Italian (basic)
Purpose of my life: Drawing
Making music
Taking photos